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Talks, Seminars and Teaching

I have appeared twice at Edinburgh Book Festival, at Latitude, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, Kings Place Literary Festival and the School of Life Sunday Sermon, performing various twists on book talks (including shadow puppets, live performance etc).


I have run cartooning and comics workshops at Sheffield Book Festival, Edinburgh and Kendal Comics fair and I regularly go into schools and universities, most recently in Poznan (teaching on Poetry and the Graphic Novel) and Graz Austria (leading a week workshop on structuring narrative). I enjoy these sessions and am always looking to do more.


Please get in touch if you would like me to come into your school or university.


Topics that I have talked on include:

  • The American Dust Bowl and the Commodification of land

  • The North Pacific Gyre

  • Trespassing and English/American folk song

  • The political awakening of Woody Guthrie

  • The genetics of Folk Song

  • Samuel Taylor Coleridge and the Environmental movement

  • Plastic and the Ocean

  • Comics and Poetry

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